Content Strategy and Marketing.

Content Strategy.

Content strategy is more than just putting out content. It is a branch in an organisation that aims at satisfying some requirements through contents and its distribution. Content strategy involves the planning, creation, delivery and sustenance of content.

Content, however, has gone beyond the texts of a web page and has now extended to the multimedia and images used. For good content strategy, good structure must be put in place. The goal of content strategy is to create value in a meaningful, engaging and sustaining manner. The strategy should identify what exists, what should be created,what shouldn't and why.

In churning out good contents, the following processes occurs:

1. Analysis:This might involve interviews with stakeholders, evaluation of their current state, analysis of their competitors.

2. Planning: This involves the drafting of the plan, identifying the brand voice and values and workflow.

3. Creation: As it implies, here, contents are createe in different forms to match the objectives of the stakeholder.

4. Maintenance: Here after the strategy might have been put in place, it will be monitored to track its growth and if need be for a change in some areas, they will be made inasmuch as they are in line with the KRIs.

In creating a content strategy, there is a need to:

  • Consider the objectives of the business in mind.
  • Consider their target audience.
  • Understand their goals and KPIs.
  • Ideate
  • Create a prototype for testing.
  • Interact with other people to share their thoughts on the problem and strategy.
  • A content strategist will ensure that the contents are easy-to-understand, readily accessible, consistent, useful and above all, reflect the brand's values and meet its needs.

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