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Consultation is without a doubt a major process in any organisation. It is during this process an organisation is able to rub minds with their clients to understand their needs, wants and intentions. Also, it gives value to the clients involved.

Consultation is a vital process where communication happens between the organisation and the clients in either a formal or informal manner. Prior to consultation, participants(stakeholders) are given some information on the procedures involved. Such information includes how the plan would work, the stages involved, the timeframe and methods used for execution.

The process might take a number of methods like:

1. A one-on-one session with the client

2. Surveys

3. Group meetings

4. Questionnaires

5. Informal meetings

Some of the processes involved are:

1. Knowing why a plan should be used or not.

2. Identification the metrics to be used for tracking plan's growth.

3. Identification of key issues to be tackled.

The aims of consultation includes providing advice and proffering solutions to clients on their needs, wants and intentions, to have clients thoughts on already prepared plans by the organisation and to work on any form of criticism that might arise from the organisation's plan.

After consultation, there would be a collation of feedbacks to ensure the satisfaction of clients. It is often said that if an organisation makes plans without consulting the client, the success rate of their plans is most likely going to be low. Hence, both the clients and the professionals involved would work hand-in-hand.

Consultation shouldn't be a one-off occurrence and neither should it be a string of meetings without any effective result. Consultation should solve problems and add value to clients.

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