Tips to a successful online store

Imagine that as an online store owner and since the inception of your brand's store, you've made little or close to no sales. How frustrating can that be, huhn ? Well, as you might have figured, there are some things you are not doing or you're probably not just going about the right way.

Here are some tips to having a successful online store you should consider before starting out if you haven't already started and even if you are in the business already.

1. Upload high resolution images: You know it's an online store you run and not a physical one, hence, your products should be in high resolutions else, this might turn off any potential customer you attract. Also, it could create a mental picture that you sell inferior products to your potential customers. This is one pitfall you want to avoid. You need a quality camera, good background, and proper lightning to achieve this.

2. Sell quality products: Ever heard of the popular phrase, quality over quantity? What does this mean? As a business owner, an online store owner in particular, you must not make the mistake of selling inferior products to your customers not even once! One mistake and your customer's trust in your brand wears off. It's better to sell quality available products to your customers than to sell inferior products just for the purpose of making sales. This will take a toll on your business negatively.

3. Provide several payment plans: Life is easy but business just got easier with the vast payment plans that your customers can opt for at their convenience. What a great news for you the store owner! Any store (physical stores included) should allow for more than one payment option for customers. Payment options now range from cash to bank transfers, Payment with USSD, PayPal, Flurterwave and many others. These options will ease buying for your customers and so will it ease sales for you.

4. Put up your product reviews: Different customers exist and there's a need to understand them. While some customers will buy just what attracts them in your store, others will make their choice based on other people's reviews. Product reviews are testimonials to your products. They build credibility and allows for even more people to want to purchase. Some product reviews may not be in your favour but most should if you're selling quality products. This also helps in lead generation.

5. Offer incentives: Nothing beats the word 'free' in any business. Customers will never get enough of any free product attached to products they purchase, free shipping or delivery of their ordered products or even free vouchers. There's also the part of discounts perhaps during festive periods, free vouchers and off course, running promos would work too.

Other things you could do is to have a blog, create a website, run ads across the socials, partner with other brands relating to your brand products and above all, do not forget to track your analytics. They matter! Cheers to a successful online business from now on!