Choosing a Career in the Tech field.

So I see that you’re a tech savvy person who is also considering a career in the tech ecosystem. That’s great because we live in the 21st Century, an era where the technological industry is at its peak. It’s a very vibrant space to explore for jobs and opportunities and I can guarantee that you will find something exciting.
Maybe you’ve been indecisive about which area exactly you should venture into. Machine Learning? UI/UX? In this article, I'll give a very basic overview about a few different roles available in the tech industry. Let’s go.

UI/UX is a very exciting role in the tech industry. It deals with designing and involves a lot of creativity. Although a lot of people, many of which I work with everyday still do not know that these are actually two different roles. Allow me now to explain these roles and how they complement each other.
Imagine the Facebook app, a very popular mobile platform with a beautiful interface. A User Interface (UI) designer is the one responsible for the visually appealing elements – the fonts, the colors, the icons, animations, touchpoints etc. This role is ideal for people who have an eye for design and can give intense attention to visual detail.
The User Experience (UX) designer, on the other hand is the one responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the Facebook app is smooth and appealing to the user. How easy is it to navigate the app? Is the font too big or too small? Will the users easily find what they’re looking for? This is mostly done through user research and feedback. They sometimes also work on prototypes and layout ideas the UI designer should work on.
These two roles are mostly done by one person or team but it doesn’t still change the fact that they’re different roles. In large scale applications for companies, there will usually be two different teams handling it for efficiency.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning is a field of study that looks at using algorithms to turn raw data into usable models. Thanks to companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, the machine learning field has become one of the hottest tech topics in the last decade.
Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, where computers use algorithms to learn from data, allowing the machines to identify patterns and learn from past mistakes. This simulates the ability to think logically in a computer and it’s useful in a lot of ways.
One of the main uses of machine learning is automation. Computers taking sales data and analyzing what caused a fall or rise in sales in business is one very good useful case. This is also the system behind bots in the customer care section of some websites.
Machine Learning personnels are high in demand because this skill can be creatively applied almost everywhere. From Medical sciences to business to robotics.
If you’re a very logical and patient person who loves to solve problems, then this might just be the field for you.

Web Development
Web development is the process of building websites and web apps.  Let me tell you this, you don’t need any special kind of qualification to be a web developer. All you need is a passion for problem solving, study materials and dedication.
As a web developer, you’ll be responsible for quite a number of things like:
•Bringing the UX and UI Designers’ ideas to life
•Working with databases
•Building server side software with backend frameworks.
•Carrying out usability test and fixing bugs.
•Developing and deploying content management systems.
There are three types of web developers. The Frontend developer whose job is very similar to the UI designer, they perform tasks relating to visual elements. And then there’s the Backend developer who works more on the programming of the website. He builds the database, creates the server and puts every other thing that’s needed in place.
Finally, there’s the Full Stack developer who is a mix of the two. This is someone who can perform the jobs of the frontend and the backend engineers.
A career in web development will put you at the forefront of technology because this is a field that requires constant learning. Become a web developer if you’re creative with design, patient enough to practically code and fix bugs for hours and like all other tech job, willing to solve problems.

All these jobs are very exciting and have very promising pay. Skill acquisition in any of these areas may not come easy but these are the skills companies like Veenode are hunting for.
If your mind is not made up yet on one and you feel like you still have some thinking to do, then do some research yourself and read more articles from the Veenode blog. That way you get a lot more insight into every field individually. Subscribe to our newsletter for more if you found the article helpful and We hope to keeping serving you with contents you love.